Wednesday, March 19, 2008

mother and child

I'm basically finished with the test plate for my press... at least, as finished as a person can be without ever having printed the plate! The image is a simple one, my wonderful cousin-in-law and her gorgeous new baby, and though it's not something I would normally make, I had a great time working on this print. I used a recycled plate and was mainly working it up as a test, but it turned out with a sweetness I wasn't expecting, so I think I may print up ten or so.

It's tiny, just 2.5 by 3 inches.

test plate

This photo is of the inked plate, as that's all I have to work from at present! One of the major challenges for me in etching is being able to see what the heck I'm doing on a plate... especially one with various techniques... the light off the polished and grooved zinc can get a bit confusing. I've been trying to ink this plate with every major decision, so I have a more firm idea of what exactly is going on.

I'll be preparing paper this evening. Since I've only ever printed in printmaking facilities, I'm expecting tomorrow will entail a LOT of trial and error in getting the pressure right and everything set up and ready.

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